Traffic Management

SPG Traffic Division

Simon Protection does traffic control for a variety of events and venues. Since 2015, SPG has been the traffic control company for the SEMA show in Las Vegas, where we are responsible for controlling traffic for some of the show's most expensive vehicles.

SPG provides foot patrol and/or patrol vehicles, for major events such as award shows, parades, marathons, block parties, and fundraisers. For your next event call us for your traffic control and crowd control needs.

Night Club Traffic Control

Don't let your special event or night club be disturbed by traffic delays. SPG Traffic Officers can control the flow of traffic outside the event for the street, parking lot and valet. Traffic control is essential in providing a safe and fluid parking lot. Our traffic control plans and enforcement keep vehicles and pedestrians flowing smoothly.

Construction Traffic Control

SPG Traffic Officers can assist you in keeping your construction site free of security issues and incidents. We do access control and control vehicle and heavy equipment movement on a job site (large or small) with minimum interruption.

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