Executive Protection

We do not disclose our clients or particulars about EP details.

Simon Protection Group, founded by a retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sergeant, specializes in providing bodyguard services, full time protection details, temporary protective services, emergency deployment and Quick Response Teams. SPG operates on the principles of quality, effectiveness and advance preparation. As part of our executive protection, our operatives plan routes, pre-search rooms and building where our clients will be visiting and also search vehicles, as needed.

SPG helps mitigate risks and exposures in order to ensure your safety in the following arenas:

  • Quick Response Teams (QRT) for special events and high profile occasions
  • Bodyguards for VIPs and Celebrity Protection
  • Global Executive Protection & Security Services
  • Emergency Deployment of Executive Protection Agents
  • Close Protection Agents for Permanent / Full-Time Assignment
  • Temporary Bodyguard Services for Events, Vacation & Business & Travels

We provide discreet, armed and unarmed, executive, celebrity and asset protection teams nationwide. Our operatives are highly trained due to their real world experiences with U.S. and foreign military operations, elite law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Bodyguard  Services provided by Simon Protection. Our professional consultants will assess your threat and security or vulnerability and make the appropriate recommendation to mitigate your risks.

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